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Pilates gives you a balanced of elongated, sculpted muscles, increased flexibility, and core strength.  We will target all muscles in the body with a non-impact workout leaving you energized.


Weight Loss

Body Sculpting – Looking for muscle definition?  Through periodization training we keep those muscles guessing so they have to work harder, burning fat and making those muscled pop!


Body Sculpting

Creating the perfect body is no small matter. Using a non-aerobic, muscle-toning class focused on inner core, outer strength and focus.


Special Populations

Special Populations – Using a combination of stability, mobility, strength and core training, we work on the whole body and create an individualized program focusing on your unique needs.


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[photo_testimonial name=”Maya Hu-Chan”] Pam is an extraordinary and gifted trainer.  What sets her apart from others is the way she personalizes the training for her clients, understanding their strengths and weakness, identifying key areas to focus on, and finding positive ways to motivate her clients to achieve their goals.  She continues to innovate with latest workout techniques and methodology, and as a result, it is always a fun and effective work out with Pam!  I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in shape and live a healthy life.  Pam can help you get there!

[photo_testimonial name=”Cindy T”] I love working with Pam.  She is always positive and encouraging.  She explains & demonstrates the exercises so they are easy to understand.  Pam is very knowledgable & I appreciate her ability to change up my routines according to the varying neck & back pains I may have on any given day.  She seamlessly revises my workout to accommodate my needs & concerns.  I would highly recommend Pam as a personal trainer.

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